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How to have fun with your children and avoid learning loss this summer in Bristol

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Child's drawing of a sun

Summer is a time for having fun and forgetting all about school and learning, isn’t it?

Well, it’s true that a rest does everyone good, but it’s also true that spending some time during the holidays in a learning environment can have benefits for your child.

The summer holidays are a lovely long break from school but there is a chance that holiday brain drain will kick in and that your child will forget elements of what they have learnt this year.

So keep reading to find out how you can help to stop the holiday brain drain for your children…

Our guide to keeping your child’s brain and body suitably exercised this summer in Bristol.

Read, read, read

Its simply the easiest and best way to engage your child’s imagination and get those brain cells working over the summer holidays. Why not dust off your old library cards and visit one of the multitude of libraries in Bristol with your children. They often have activities over the summer holidays and you can reserve specific books your children want to read using the Libraries West online service.

Get crafty

We’ve all been there. it’s raining, you know that some crafting would be a good idea but your paints have gone crusty plus the thought of cleaning up the paint off the floor (and if you have a pre schooler, probably walls) fills you with dread.

Fear not. There are plenty of crafts that require minimal equipment and produce very little mess whilst also being good for the brain.

Books like this paper monster book are fantastic for ages 8 upwards. They help focus your child on following instructions as well as problem solving and only need a bit of glue and some scissors to get them built.

Get back to nature

Days out don’t need to cost lots. You can turn a simple walk to the park into a nature walk. Why not photograph different plants and animals that you see and then get your children to look them up and scrap book the photos with descriptions and add illustrations when you get home.

Exercise their brains

Keeping physically active is also great for keeping the brain active. Bristol is a great city for parks and cycling and if you fancy going further afield, Portishead Lido is a lovely day out when the sun is shinning.

Play games

Board games like Scrabble, Backgammon, and Chess give your brain a proper workout and are great for lazy summer days in the garden (no screen glare).

Book a summer programme

If you want to take the learning loss prevention up a notch, why not explore one of the educational programmes for children running across Bristol this summer.

Summer is the ideal time for children to brush up their maths and English skills while they are away from the stresses and strains of school routine.

Kip McGrath Bristol Central provides a range of summer Brain Active programmes to boost confidence and learning and to give your child the best possible start in September.

For little learners about to start school we run our ‘Get Ready for School’ programme to promote learning concepts and school readiness skills.

For those progressing to secondary school we revise primary school concepts and start to familiarise children with new secondary school concepts;

There are follow up programmes to SATs if results have flagged up an area concern; booster programmes can help children who have performed badly in their end of year exams or have lower than expected grades in their reports;

For children preparing for Autumn entrance exams we have specialised support to help with English comprehension, story writing, non-verbal reasoning or maths

All our programmes are tutored by qualified teachers and provide children with an individual learning plan using Kip McGrath educational methods and resources, which are mapped to the school curriculum.

Kip McGrath Bristol Central’s Summer Brain Active programmes take place throughout the summer holidays. To find out more or book your child’s FREE assessment email or call 0117 370 4525.


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