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Using your childcare vouchers for tutoring at Kip McGrath Bristol Central

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There has been an exciting new development here at Kip McGrath Bristol Central this week…we have received our Ofsted Registration Certificate.

Not only does this provide a rubber stamp for the standard of the maths and english tutoring services at our learning centre BUT it also means that childcare vouchers can be used to pay for tutoring sessions.

With our after school tutoring aimed at school aged children from 6-16 years olds, applying for Ofsted registration to enable childcare vouchers to be used as payment was a logical next step for the centre.

Childcare vouchers are a great way for all working parents to make savings on all sorts of childcare costs. They can be used at nurseries, pre-schools, childminders and holiday clubs and some private nannies are also registered with Ofsted.

The fact that childcare vouchers can be used for after school learning activities is not so well known. However, using childcare vouchers for English and Maths tutoring is a fantastic way to benefit from the savings that vouchers enable whilst also helping your child reach their full potential at school.

How do childcare vouchers work?

Many employers run schemes which enable their employees to sacrifice or swap part of their gross salary for a tax and NI free childcare voucher. This can mean savings of up to almost £1,200 per parent. There is one allowance per parent so if both parents are working, you can double the savings.

Your vouchers are received electronically or as paper and you can choose to have up to £55 a week or £243 per month tax and NI free on the scheme.

What will my child gain from using my childcare vouchers at Kip McGrath Bristol Central?

The Kip McGrath programme is based on the ethos that all children have the capacity to learn and reach their potential, if given the correct support.

The tutoring your child will receive is mapped to their school curriculum and the specific areas where your child requires additional support. This means that the time your son or daughter spends with us will reinforce the lessons they are learning at school and boost their confidence in the classroom environment.

We cater for students of all levels, from age 6 – 16.

Our programmes cover English, Maths or exam preparation and have been carefully designed to support students of all levels and abilities.

How do I use my vouchers for tutoring at Kip McGrath Bristol Central?

The first step is to book your son or daughter in for a FREE assessment. This will enable you and your child to understand their starting point and us to ensure that your child’s individual tuition programme will take them to the required level of understanding in English, Maths or both subjects.

Once we have designed your son or daughters programme, they will need to attend sessions at our centre weekly. Each session is 80 minutes and costs £30. Students usually come to the centre once or twice a week.

The 80 minute sessions are made up of 10 minute activities, focusing on different areas of study and different activity types, with some additional time for changes and a game at the end of the session.

To use your vouchers at Kip McGrath Bristol Central you just need to let us know which voucher company you use and we will do the rest.

For more information about Kip McGrath tutoring or paying with your childcare vouchers, please get in touch on 0117 370 4525 or book an assessment here

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